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Blotto printing is a fascinating art activity for young children. Kids revel in the process—blobbing blots of paint, squeezing paint between layers of paper, and peeling the paper apart to reveal a surprise masterpiece.

The abstract, but symmetrical, designs lend themselves to endless creative possibilities. Butterflies, flowers, or imaginary creatures can be created out of the print. All you need to set up this activity is some water-based paint and paper. 


1 Prepare Materials

1. Fold a piece of paper in half. Crease, then open it up again.

2 Blot paint

2. Dab blobs of paint on one side of the folded paper. Experiment with various color combinations and patterns. Make sure some paint is near the fold. (Hint: For younger children it may help to cover up the side you want to stay clean with a paper towel.)

4 Fold

 3. Refold while the paint is still very wet.

5 press

 4. “Blot” by firmly pressing and squishing with your fingers. 

6 peel apart

5. Open your paper for the surprise! 

7 Open Design

The abstract, but symmetrical design, lends itself to many creative possibilities. Enjoy as is, or cut into shapessuch as hearts, butterflies, flowers, or imaginary creatures.

10 Symmetrical objects

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