Wintonbury Magnet School

September 22, 2017 • Bloomfield, CT

What does a classroom look like where play and exploration are central to the curriculum? Principal Lisa Eells explains how the classroom layout and furniture can promote scientific inquiry and learning.
  • In a school with a focus on scientific inquiry, Principal Lisa Eells explains how the environment supports natural learning.

  • Wintonbury Magnet School Full View

    Part of the Bloomfield Public School System, Wintonbury Magnet School serves 325 pre-K and kindergarten students.

  • Button Sorting Full View

    Children learn best through exploration and discovery in a supportive environment.

  • Green House Full View

    Green is part of the curriculum: Children regularly spend time in the onsite greenhouse.

  • Discovery Center Full View

    Large, sturdy tables invite group activities and exploration.

  • Sand and Water Room Full View

    Call it STEM or just plain fun! Each classroom at Wintonbury has two Sand and Water tables, providing hours of exploration.

  • Wintonbury Dramatic Corner Full View

    Natural wood furniture provides a canvas for creativity.

  • Drama Corner Full View

  • Instrument Girls Full View

  • Reading Chair Full View

Sand and Water Boys
Wintonbury Magnet School
Button Sorting
Green House
Discovery Center
Sand and Water Room
Wintonbury Dramatic Corner
Drama Corner
Instrument Girls
Reading Chair
“What we choose to do here at Wintonbury is use natural, subtle colors and natural fibers so that it creates a pleasing atmosphere, and the furniture just enhances that. ” Lisa Eells, Principal of Wintonbury Early Childhood Magnet School

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