Toddler Storage Island [A232]

  • Key Features
    • A two-sided storage unit with low, accessible shelving on both sides
    • Use the 23" wide top to display a fish tank, a plant, picture books, or nature items collected by the children.
    • Strong and dependable: built of solid maple with rounded corners and protected with a clear non-toxic finish that’s safe for children.
  • Details & Dimensions
    • Shelves are 11½" deep.
    • This is a free-standing, non-mobile shelf, not designed to be part of our Roomscapes system.
    Product Dimensions:
    Height: 24"
    Depth: 23"
    Length: 48"
    Iters: 4. Room arrangement 5.4 2. Furniture for routine care and play 7.1, 7.3
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