48" Wall Mounted Cabinet [A283]

  • Key Features
    • Keep items beyond the reach of little hands, but with easy access for parents and teachers.
    • 14 ½" deep shelves provide plenty of storage room for classroom supplies.
    • Save space and gain storage by mounting Cabinets on the wall above your Cubbies. They are modular.
    • Locking doors open with "keys" provided or similar flat object.
  • Details & Dimensions

    • Wall-Mounted Cabinets combine beautifully with Community Cubbies. This Cabinet is modular with:

             1) Compact Toddler Cubby 6 (A253, A254, A255)

            2) Toddler Cubby 4 (A258, A259)

            3) Compact Preschool Cubby 6 (A263, A264, A265)

            4) Preschool Cubby 4 (A268, A269)

    • Adjustable Shelves can be moved up or down without tools so you can quickly customize your storage space.
    • Cabinets can be attached to the wall at any height. Use your own fasteners suited to the construction of the wall to mount the locker safely.
    Product Dimensions:
    Height: 32"
    Depth: 14½"
    Length: 48¾"
    Wall Mounted Cabinets Dimensions
    Iters: 2. Furniture for routine care and play 7.1, 7.3
    Ecers: 2. Furniture for routine care, play and learning 5.3, 7.1
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