Low Display-It-All with Clear Panel [F772]

  • Key Features
    • A flexible solution to help you show off projects or protected art and science displays.
    • Use the handy adjustable ledges to display books. Just snap them on at any height you wish.
    • Connectable Furniture. Join modular shelves, panels, arches, and gates to create room dividers, define spaces, and establish boundaries. No tools needed.
    • On/Off Mobility. Hidden wheels roll when you need them to, yet immobilize quickly for a perfectly stationary shelf.
    • Comes with a sliding plywood panel and a clear panel which can be placed in a vertical or sloping position.
    • The clear panel can be used on either front or back of unit for protected "see through" displays of projects and books.
  • Details & Dimensions
    Product Dimensions:
    Height: 32"
    Depth: 14¼"
    Length: 36¾"
    Iters: 5. Display 5.3
    Ecers: 15. Books and Pictures 5.3, 5.1
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