Book Bag for 14" Chair [J724]

  • Key Features
    • The bag will not fall off the chair if a child leans against it or gets in and out of the chair.
    • The mesh is coated polyester designed for high strength and durability. 
    • The edge binding is coated polyester fabric treated for mold and mildew resistance. 
    • All materials are non-toxic, nonallergenic, fire retardent and contain no latex.
  • Details & Dimensions
    • The fabric is designed with cleaning in mind and most dirt should come off easily. A mild detergent or bleach solution may also be used as needed with no harm to the fabric. You may also machine wash your bags. Wash on cool cycle and drip dry.
    • Durable two-pocket Book Bag stores workbooks and crayon boxes on the Woodcrest Chair. It attaches snugly with a hook and loop fastener. 
    • This Book Bag is designed specifically for Woodcrest Chairs, and will not fit on other chairs. 
    • Pocket height is 5½".
    Product Dimensions:
    Length: 14"
    Height: 16"
    Ecers: 2. Furniture for routine care, play and learning 5.2, 5.1
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