High Chair [P530]

  • Key Features
    • Seats your children safely and comfortably so they can concentrate on eating.
    • Wide-based design makes this wooden high chair stable and safe.
    • Dishwasher-safe tray. Dinner is served on a tough, easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant, dishwasher-safe tray! Any other adjectives we can use?
    • The cushioned headrest pad and seat belt give extra protection. Both can be removed for cleaning.
  • Details & Dimensions
    • For ages 6–24 months. 
    • Armrest Height: 28½"
    • Seat Height: 22½"
    • Seat width: 10"
    • Seat depth: 9½"
    Product Dimensions:
    Height: 36½"
    Depth: 20½"
    Length: 22¼"
    P530 High Chair with Dimensions
    Iters: 2. Furniture for routine care and play 5.1
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