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A Great Place for Babies

Posted by: Rhonda December 3, 2013

Sharing experiences from the field is refreshing and inspiring. Joanna, an infant teacher of many years, shared this gem about the importance of atmosphere and environment:

When anyone asks, I say I have the best job! Every day I arrive early to prepare my classroom.  The appearance of an orderly, cheerful space—fresh flowers on the window sill, a colorful mobile, cribs tidily arranged in the sleeping area—create a sense of peace and welcome in my room.  I greet each child and parent as they arrive; for a 5-month-old who is visually impaired I sing the same welcome song every day.  Watching the smile of familiarity spread across his face warms my heart.

“I marvel at what an early age the infants are aware of each other.  They are happiest when they can see their playmates, bubbling with noises as they ‘talk’ together.”

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