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Oct 14 outlast fun

Smarter Than a Duck

Posted by: Rhonda October 11, 2013

We love hearing stories from the field.  In fact, our product line is shaped by feedback from educators like yourself.  Here’s an amusing observation sent to us from Jennifer Winters, Director of Bing Nursery School in Stanford CA:

Like all of Community Playthings blocks the Outlast blocks support all areas of child development and have become an excellent open-ended material to ignite creativity, innovation and imagination.

Because of their unique interlocking feature they demand a deep planning level which supports the development of executive function—the ability to link our feelings and thinking skills—as the following anecdote from one of our students highlights: 

Thalia made a plan to build a car using the Outlast blocks, narrating her construction as she worked:
“I’m making a window for the back seat…I want the car to be as big as me...”
Finally, as she completed her plan she declared: “I’m so proud of myself. I’m smarter than a duck! Did you know that?”

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