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Nov 19 2013

Toddlers and Boundaries

Posted by: Trevor November 15, 2013

My nearly-two-year-old daughter loves to wash her hands. She also loves to upset the goldfish bowl, pull heavy objects off the counter, and climb on the coffee table. Her passion to explore this big, grown-up size world is a joy to watch—when it’s not dangerous. But there are times when we just have to tell her “NO.”

Ever tried that?

Toddlers know perfectly well what “no” means—and sometimes they even listen. But as often as not, it just means that they’ll try harder. For those moments when it’s just not the time to wash your hands, Community Playthings recently launched an ingenious adaptation to an old idea: a toddler step stool with hidden gate. It’s built in and won’t get lost. It stores out of sight. Latches are automatic and childproof. Watch it in action here.

Now that’s a great way to say “no.”