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Collecting Treasures

Posted by: Rhonda October 7, 2013

“I’m collecting fall!" With an exuberant shout, four year old Frederick raced from tree to tree picking up handfuls of freshly fallen leaves, losing momentum only when he eventually ran out of breath, panting, "There’s fall everywhere!” 

Who can explain this insatiable urge of people—or, in particular, people’s children—to collect?  Acorns, berries, leaves, sticks…anything.  Every morning now my class returns from their daily walk with pockets bulging. Treasures are dutifully deposited on our nature display shelf. One of their dads brought in potting soil and now seeds and nuts are buried in small containers outside, waiting until a spring miracle is discovered.

“Children who grow up playing in nature with its treasures will become better stewards of the earth,” writes Mary Rivkin in her insightful article, Natural Play in the Preschool Yard. I couldn’t agree more. Read Article.