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Oct 22

Reading at Five?

Posted by: Maureen October 17, 2013

“For 40 years I have searched without success for studies that support the notion that reading at five is a helpful step for long-term success in school...”

Joan Almon pleads the case of kindergarten children, so eager to learn by inquiry and investigation, so hampered by today’s test-driven standards.

“What happens to children who are consistently asked to do more than they can do?”

I know a 6-year-old who is thriving in an intergenerational program where kids learn through creativity, exploration and activities with elders. Last year she became so intimidated by public kindergarten that she refused to get on the bus. The school she dreaded is considered forward-thinking: high funding, small classes, iPads for students…and kindergarten homework. Graded.

As Joan says, “There is nothing developmentally wrong with the children. It is the expectations that are not developmentally appropriate.”

Kids come wired to love learning, and do it through play. Read Joan’s article. Then use our booklet, The Wisdom of Play, as a tool to help protect your children’s innate curiosity and love of learning.