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teachers are leaders

Are You a Leader?

Posted by: Rhonda April 1, 2014

I call that ‘simultaneous drowning,’” he said with a soft twinkle in his eyes, “when three or four critical things all happen at once and you must do something unexpected, quickly. But don’t let it take away your zest for teaching or your love for the children. This is why you are teaching and why you are needed.”

What was it about my second grade teacher that made that year a highlight of my childhood, leading me to seek him out as a mentor when I became a teacher myself? As he shared his philosophy with me, I slowly began to understand his indelible mark on my life.

Treasure little moments throughout the day to have personal contact with each child. It takes effort, but the children love it and love you for it.” Yes, Mr. Wareham, we loved you for it. That is why, in your final years, you were often surrounded by former students, many already with children of their own. A powerful testimony of your legacy.

As a teacher, your impact too is probably greater than you ever imagined. Read this article by Gigi Schweikert: Teachers: The Most Important Leaders of All and remember why this profession is so significant.