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Test of Time

The Test of Time

Posted by: Rhonda August 26, 2014

“These cars are built to take the wear and tear young drivers can give . . . Will give miles of pleasure,” states our 1965 Community Playthings catalog. Could the writer have imagined that some 50 years—and thousands of miles—later, the cars would still be “on the road”?

At a recent photo shoot in a local school, we were excited to find a museum’s worth of original Community Playthings toys that their kids still play with today! The tailfins on this Convertible clearly date it to the 1960s.

Rick, the Senior Building Mechanic, told us, “The trucks were here before I started working at this school and they’ll probably still be here when I retire. Like me, they’ve stood the test of time!”

Do you have any time-tested toys from Community at your center? We’d love to see pictures of them too! Send them to and we'll post them on our Pinterest page.