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Community Partnerships

The Village Lends a Hand

December 16, 2014

If it really takes a village to raise a child, why don’t we see more villages getting involved?

Here’s the remarkable story of a community that wanted to know not how its children were failing, but how it was failing children. Scrapping the hours of pencil and paper testing that are far too common (we know they’re developmentally inappropriate anyway), the Early Years Institute in Westbury, New York used a whole-child, authentic assessment measuring five broad domains to discover what their youngsters were missing out on. Then they took the results to the town.

The response was dramatic. When the community realized how much the neighborhood matters in children’s development, everyone wanted to help. The team responsible for implementing changes swelled from 15 to 90. A local college, libraries, pediatricians and even a consulate proposed ideas. Parents, politicians, and the chamber of commerce got involved. In today’s article, Dana Friedman shows that when the village lends a hand, big things happen. Read the article.