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sand play

Exploring Sand Play

Posted by: Rhonda February 4, 2014

“Damage repair! Damage repair!” The little engineers worked with beaverish intensity, packing handfuls of wet sand on the eroded bank. A shout of “more!” brought another bucketful of water gushing down the newly repaired chute, the force liquefying another sandy curve. With squeals of laughter and repeated shouts of “damage repair!” the young builders were living in their own concentrated world of joy, outside of the boundaries of logic and time. Play at its best!

Sand and water hold a tremendous attraction for young children, but as time for play is increasingly threatened by standards and curriculum-driven activities, how can teachers validate the educational value and necessity of sand and water in the classroom?

In her article, Exploring Sand Play, Dr. Joyce Gerber not only demonstrates the ways sand play strengthens STEM knowledge but also suggests practical activities with sand that stimulate all domains of learning.