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What Will It Be Next?

Posted by: Trevor January 14, 2014

How long did people pile up books on their desks before someone invented the bookshelf? And how long did teachers stack up cots before someone invented the vertical cot cart?

The answer to the first question: centuries ago. The answer to the second: just now.

As everyone knows, the cot you need is always at the bottom of the stack. But it takes a team of dedicated, caring designers to uncover the need. Working to design a new cot, our team began to notice a recurring problem at naptime: the teacher had to call another teacher and the janitor to get at the right cots. No one thought to complain. That’s just how it was. But our team took notice, and before long they came up with a solution.

But that isn’t the only new product from Community Playthings this year. Our unique design process has delivered a number of new, innovative products this year. What will be next? Our designers are listening…