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Nature Play Every Day

Posted by: Rhonda July 15, 2014

Many adults passing by might have seen only a mound of dirt and an overgrown garden hemmed in by city streets. Not exactly what they’d think of as a playground, much less a haven for childhood.

For the kids in my urban preschool, however, the mound was their cherished “mountain” and the small stand of trees was their “jungle.”  In a world as limitless as their imaginations, hunting for worms and grasshoppers was as thrilling as stalking dragons. The abundant dandelions and invasive bindweed were more prized than a rose bush.

For them it really didn’t matter if they had a pristine park to play in or just a vacant city lot. What was important was that their play space was right there, where they could play every day.

“Children don’t need sprawling spaces or eye-popping vistas,” writes Kenneth Finch in his article Nature Play as an Everyday Joy of Childhood.  “If we want nature play to have maximum impact, then it needs to be part of the regular rhythm of life.”

How can you connect children to nature every day, regardless of your setting? Read the article.