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Nursing home daycare

Tribal Learning

Posted by: Rhonda July 1, 2014

What happens when parents, dissatisfied with public schooling for their kindergarten children, venture out of the box? In one Connecticut town, a group of parents grew unhappy with the increased push-down pressure for early academic education which they felt was contrary to how young children should learn. They turned to an unlikely source for a solution: a community center for the elderly.

Or maybe, not so unlikely.

“For millennia,” writes mother and teacher Maureen Swinger, “children sat at the feet of the village elders to learn about life. The lessons were immediate and applicable; they modeled courage, resourcefulness and community.” So, looking to history as an example, Maureen and a group of other parents and teachers decided to give it a try.

Do intergenerational programs work? And whom do they benefit? Read the article.