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A special place for play

A Special Place for Play in Special Education

Posted by: Rhonda June 10, 2014

What is the best way to support learning for children with special needs? How can their strengths and abilities be maximized? While practices in special education often focus on correcting children’s deficits by pulling them aside to work on specific skills, Jan Dowling suggests a different answer:  just let them play.

“I know it takes courage and effort to promote play as an intentional intervention for children with special needs,” she writes. “We have pressures from many sources. . .We face questions from anxious parents who want their children to learn as much as possible, and policymakers who want us to justify that the extra expense of special education is worth the investment.”

Is it possible that sometimes we might forget just how important play is? Are we able to explain what children are learning as they play? Today’s article reminds us how all children, regardless of ability, learn best. Read the article.