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When the Tables Turn

When the Tables Turn

Posted by: Rhonda March 11, 2014

Almost before the cameras flashed, the intended unveiling ceremony for our new outdoor products had evolved into a stand-off between a pirate (decked out in a firefighter hat) and some princesses who refused to relinquish their castle.  It all turned out okay in the end though; soon they were all sitting around the table peacefully munching on tree cookies. That is, until they discovered that turning over the seats produced great sleds to slide down the hill!

What is it about furniture that inspires children to use it in every conceivable way except how it was intended?

Actually, our Outlast Tables and Benches were designed with just this random spontaneity in mind. Doubling as loose parts, you’ll be surprised how far they can take you.  Constructed of wood that won’t rot or warp, and backed by our standard ten year warranty, these child-sized tables and benches are a valuable addition to any outdoor space.  Be the first to see them here