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Lasting Memories

Screens off. Play on!

Posted by: Rhonda May 6, 2014

“You must know that there is nothing higher and stronger and more wholesome for life in the future than some good memory, especially a memory of childhood…” Fyodor Dostoyevsky

“Think back to your childhood,” suggests Laurie Rankin, in her article Creating Lasting Memories. What are the good memories that you’ve carried with you into your adult life? Do they involve other children? An outdoor environment? Most likely.

Think of children today. Smartboards, smartphones, tablets, video games, and television seem to dominate their waking hours. In fact, next to sleeping, many children spend more time using a screen than any other activity.  What kind of wholesome memories will guide their future?

This week, millions of children and their families across the world are choosing to take part in Screen-Free Week—a fun, innovative opportunity to reduce their dependence on entertainment screen media. It’s a fantastic chance to rediscover the joy of life beyond the screen and “make memories filled with smiles that will last a lifetime!” Read the article.