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When is a Table not a Table?

Posted by: Rhonda May 13, 2014

Sara Hardin of Manhattan reminded us that something as simple as raising a table invites endless creativity from children (not to mention the benefits for teachers using the same room for different programs):

“The adjustable leg feature on our Multitables allowed us to switch activities easily. The first time children saw us raise them to adult height they were captivated, and immediately scurried under the table to make it their ‘house.’ This soon became a regular play feature. The space became a cave, a nest, or a great place to explore flashlights.

“By using the shortest legs, we were able to create low platforms for ‘stage’ performances. At other times, we removed the legs altogether and set up paints on the table tops. When we turned the tables upside down they became sleds, boats, and other vehicles!

“It seemed that we discovered new things to do with them almost every day, and they were still going strong when I left the school, after five years of constant, creative, and non-standard use.”

We’d love to hear your stories too!