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The Big Questions

The Big Questions

Posted by: Rhonda November 18, 2014

“In the field of education, teachers are constantly being told what they should do with children in a classroom,” writes Judi Pack. “They are inundated with new curricula packages, child assessment rubrics, Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS), and activities that purport to promote children’s learning.”

But is that really the heart of great teaching?

“If teachers rely solely on the dictates of others, they can never really distinguish between what is good for children and what is not. They are too busy following guidelines, standards, and assessments from outside sources that do not know the particular children in their classrooms and, in fact, may not truly understand the way that young children learn.”

In this thought provoking article, Judi Pack urges teachers to take time to reflect on the “big questions”:  How do you view children? Who do you want to be in the lives of your students? How do young children learn? How would you define your role in the classroom?

These important questions should form the foundation for teaching. “It is through ongoing reflection and action that teachers become competent, empowered, and energized by their work.” Read the article.