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Foraging for Color

Posted by: Rhonda September 16, 2014

Where art and nature meet, a sense of wonder is sparked, observation skills are developed, and cross-curricular learning is inspired,” writes Kelly Johnson. “Nature provides the stage and art provides the script to help you awaken a love of learning in your students….”

Inspired by Kelly’s ideas, our kindergarten class tried this fun, and highly successful, activity that merges art and nature.

Color Wheel Scavenger Hunt:
1. Create a color wheel (see article for instructions).
2. Head outside into the yard or garden to observe the many colors present in nature.
3. Give the children permission to pick small items in the garden that represent each of the colors on the wheel, and release them to forage for colors!
4. Attach their items to the color wheel to create a vibrant display of the colors of nature.

For details on this project, and for further inspiration, see Kelly Johnson’s article, “The Wonder of Nature’s Colors