ice ornament

Making Icy Ornaments

December 9, 2014

Your kids will love making these eye-catching, icy mobiles. Wait until you have a few days of freezing temperature and try this fun activity with your class. All you need are some jam lids or shallow dishes, string, and some seasonal nature objects such as berries, seeds, or leaves.

1. Arrange your nature items inside upturned jam jar lids or shallow dishes. To make a star shape, simply place a star cookie cutter within the lid.

2. Place the lids in a row on a tray and lay a piece of thick string over the row of lids, linking them together.

3. Pour water into each lid, making sure all the materials and the string are completely submerged.

4. Place the tray outdoors overnight or until the water freezes.

5. Carefully remove the frozen disks from the lids. (You may need to dunk them in warm water to loosen.)

Hang your ornaments outside a window or in a tree in the garden and enjoy them as long as the cold weather lasts!