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Jan 7 2013

The "Real" Core Standard: Play

Posted by: Rhonda January 7, 2014

“At recess I remember everything I learned.”

Why is play such a vital part of the learning process in early childhood?  And if its importance is proven by scientific research, why is it currently being pushed out of kindergarten and preschool classrooms?

The Common Core State Standards should not serve as an excuse for removing play from preschool classrooms,” writes Joan Almon, of Alliance for Childhood, in her new article Let Them Play.  “Play-based education gives children a chance to develop their creativity in balanced ways.  It supports the overall healthy development of children and prepares them for the 21st century workplace where creativity is highly valued.”

In a standards-driven educational culture that often seems to obstruct children’s natural instinct for play, what can teachers do to encourage and enhance open-ended play in their classrooms?  Send me your thoughts!