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block building

What Do Blocks Do for You?

Posted by: Rhonda July 22, 2014

Found in preschool classrooms around the globe, blocks are perhaps the most universal play material. Generations of educators have emphasized the educational benefits of playing with blocks. And generations of children have learned important life skills such as innovation, problem-solving, and collaboration through such play.

If block play is so beneficial to children’s learning, why is it often relegated to a “choice” activity, limited by both time and space?

What if block building sessions could extend for a week, or longer? What if you could give your students enough space to create to their satisfaction? Is it possible with today’s ever increasing pressure for quantifiable results?

In her new article, “Building 21st Century Skills Block by Block,” Professor Karen Liu shares both challenging and inspiring observations of schools that have embraced an alternative approach to block building. Not only is it possible, it is highly successful.  Read the article.