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mud kitchen

What do Children do with Mud?

Posted by: Rhonda June 24, 2014

The best way to find out is simply to find some dirt, add some water, and let the kids loose! That might seem like pushing the boundaries, but you won’t be alone. This week children all over the world will be participating in International Mud Day to celebrate one of nature’s most fantastic play materials: mud!

But if it’s so fun, why should mud play be relegated to just one day a year?

In today’s article, Making a Mud Kitchen, Mary Rivkin offers a year-round solution to a child’s craving for mud. With little more than some old pots and pans, stirring spoons, and—most importantly—some dirt and water, you will be amazed at the fantastic culinary concoctions your kids will create. And sure, there might be a glorious mess, but nothing that a hose can’t easily take care of!

Ready to try it? Read the article here.