Ramps and Pathways

Physics in Preschool?

Posted by: Rhonda November 4, 2014

“Young children are budding physical scientists. They are intensely curious about the world and want to figure out how it works. They are also budding engineers. They invent, design, and solve problems. Most of all, they love to be active and make something interesting happen.”

How can teachers capitalize on this innate curiosity and passion for exploration?

Simple classroom activities can engage young children’s ability to think scientifically. “For example,” educator Betty Zan writes, “when they pour water from one container to another, they begin to understand the nature of fluids and how they behave differently from other substances. When they construct pinwheels and paper airplanes, they investigate how air can be used as a force to move things. And, when they build block structures that include ramps and cause marbles to move on the ramps in interesting ways (such as turning corners, rolling up hills, jumping over gaps, and flying through the air and landing in a container), they begin to construct a practical understanding of the laws of physics.”

One of the beauties of ramp play is its simplicity to implement in your classroom. The results are exciting! Read the article.