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Project Approach

The Project Approach to Learning

Posted by: Rhonda December 1, 2015

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” John Dewey

One of the greatest gifts teachers can give to their students is a life-long love of learning. Although the educational pendulum is swinging strongly toward making education more uniform, early childhood teachers must remember that children are not uniform. Children’s interests differ widely depending on their own experiences. Meeting the learning needs of each child demands the full, and creative, attention of a teacher’s mind and heart.

The Project Approach offers teachers a way to build their curriculum on the natural curiosity of children. When immersed in a topic that is local and relevant, students actively participate in the educational experience. This kind of authentic learning energizes the child as they “become part of a community of investigators” instead of a passive recipient of information.

“Along with the motivation it provides,” writes Dr. Sylvia C. Chard, “project work also integrates all areas of learning and aspects of child development. It offers many chances to practice problem solving and critical thinking—skills that build language, math, and scientific understanding. In fact, it helps children gain confidence in themselves and their abilities and develops in them the disposition to strive for understanding.” Read more.