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The Tools of STEM

Posted by: Rhonda February 3, 2015

Where are the innovators, engineers, surgeons, and scientists of tomorrow? Today, most likely, they’re constructing dangerously high towers in your block corner, getting drenched at the sand and water table, or tinkering with the volume control on the CD player. Scientific investigation is, in the end, really just a continuation of the play and exploration of childhood.

STEM skills are not learned by sitting at a desk but by hands-on, real experiences.  How can we do a better job encouraging this passion for creativity and experimentation in our early childhood classrooms?

There is hardly a better piece of equipment to foster such tinkering than the work bench. Once a familiar noise in preschools, the sound of kids using real tools to construct and deconstruct various creations has all but vanished from classrooms. Now, with the renewed emphasis on teaching STEM skills in the early years, it’s time to bring back the woodworking bench. Read on.