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A Place Just for Teachers

Posted by: Trevor January 15, 2015

As a profession, we’re good at caring for children. In center after center, you can find teachers interacting with children, guiding their play, furthering their development, igniting their curiosity, helping them become the remarkable people they are meant to be. It is heart-warming to see the investment, care, and love that centers put into their children.

But are we doing enough for our greatest asset? More and more is expected of teachers in the classroom through curricula, assessments, and documentation. Charting and record keeping consume a growing amount of time. It may be good for the children, but who is looking out for the teachers?

At Community Playthings, we’ve heard this challenge repeatedly. Here is our answer: MyPlace for Teachers, to support the multiple tasks teachers need to fulfill. Teachers (regardless of what their students think) can’t do everything, but we hope this helps them to do all they can. Take a look.