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Painting with water

Art: Process or Product?

Posted by: Rhonda June 23, 2015

“Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” Pablo Picasso

Exploration and experimentation are crucial to the creative process. Art projects that focus too much on the product can greatly inhibit the Picasso waiting to flourish in each child. Open-ended activities using art materials, on the other hand, give children great satisfaction and confidence to explore artistic expression, free from worries about method or product.

Here’s a great outdoor activity to try with your preschoolers. Purely a “process-driven” art experience, there is no “product” except happy (and wettish) children! Simply provide small buckets of water and an assortment of paint brushes and tell the kids to “paint the playground.”

After giving a face-lift to an old park bench, these three-year-olds went on to paint the stairs, the outdoor stage flooring, as well as various sticks and stones. This faded wooden fence proved to be the best canvas and soon the whole class was busy painting a mural. By the time the water had dried and all evidence of their work vanished, the children were long gone, busy with their buckets of “paint” on the other side of the yard.