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Weathering Storms: Nurturing Resilient Children

Posted by: Rhonda June 30, 2015

Life is full of unexpected challenges. Despite our best efforts, it is impossible to protect our children from every adversity. How can we prepare them to not only weather the inevitable storms of life, but emerge stronger and more resilient in their wake?

“There is concern,” reports Joan Almon, “that today’s children are growing up without enough resiliency to meet the demands that will face them in life. Some children receive too little nurture, and struggle to find their footing in life. Others have been over-protected. They have been praised and rewarded for the most common accomplishments, and protected from risk and failure. There is concern that they will not have the grit and determination to survive life’s challenges.”

“There are many ways that teachers and care givers lay secure foundations under children’s feet so that they can rise again when life becomes difficult. Here are a few ways that have stood out in my own work with children, but there are many more. It is worth reflecting on which of your practices best support children’s resiliency and how you can integrate them even more strongly in your work.” Read more.