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STEM is Everywhere!

Posted by: Rhonda March 31, 2015

I recently attended an early childhood conference about STEM education and was surprised to realize that the acronym simply labels skills that are actually second nature for young children. They are constantly observing and experimenting (Science), exploring simple tools (Technology), solving problems (Engineering), and discovering relationships and patterns (Math).

That’s what STEM is. Once you can identify it, you’ll find it everywhere! And the place you’ll see it the most is in a child’s free, unhindered play.

Watch this short video of a group of children playing with outdoor blocks. See if you can identify all the aspects of STEM education happening spontaneously as they explore the properties of the material, experiment, design, fail, collaborate, and construct.

If we want our children to emerge as competent, creative, and innovative adults we should let them play! Watch the video.