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It Smells Really Quiet

Posted by: Rhonda May 5, 2015

“Have you ever smelled snow before?” Brandon asked, poking his head out of a tunnel he was digging in a snowbank. “No,” I replied, “what does it smell like?” Wrinkling up his nose in thought, he answered, “It smells really quiet.”

From birth, children investigate the world with the whole of their being in order to make sense of it. The five senses merge into one sensation of feeling. For them, many every day experiences are unfamiliar, unpredicted, and uncategorized. The world is full of wonders!

A child’s natural curiosity is the key to learning. But do children have enough chances to actively engage all their senses? In this article, Alice Sterling Honig urges teachers to plan activities that will help children tune in to particular sensory experiences. By acting as a guide, teachers can awaken a sense of awe and joy in the richness of nature. Read more.