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Start Summer with a Splash

Posted by: Rhonda May 12, 2015

Waterfalls have fascinated mankind since the beginning of time. But they don’t have to be very big to capture the imagination of children. And, they don’t have to be very big to be a lot of fun!

There’s something about manipulating the movement of water that is irresistible. Which child hasn’t discovered the thrill of sticking their thumb under a faucet to create a dramatic and drenching spray of water! It is an opportunity to explore, experiment, and observe—science at its best!

Because this kind of play is inevitably wet and messy, there’s no better place for it than outside. Over a year ago, Community Playthings set out to discover how we could enable every child care center to provide this type of play—even in urban locations with limited outdoor space. Now we are excited to introduce you to our new Outlast Water Play System. From a simple table unit to a complete water center, the play and learning possibilities are thrilling. Get your first peek here.