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clay creature

Creating Clay Creatures

Posted by: Rhonda September 15, 2015

Most children, when given a piece of clay, are immediately motivated to explore its inviting sensory qualities. Like water and sand, clay has a natural open-ended appeal and provides an inspirational break from using markers, crayons, paint, or other art mediums. Children delight in the freedom to manipulate and transform their creations: a simple coil can become a snake, then a bowl, then a bracelet!

Now, add natural loose parts to your clay activity to open up even more creative possibilities! What creature can you make from a lump of clay and some natural materials?

I tried this activity with both our three and six-year old classes, with highly successful, though rather different results. Both groups were completely absorbed working on their masterpieces for over an hour! You can enjoy the pictures (and instructions) here.