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Successful Transitions

Posted by: Rhonda September 22, 2015

It’s the beginning of a new school year—a time of change for both teachers and children. And, as most of us know, transitions can be hard!

Life is full of transitions though, and learning to tolerate and handle them is an important life skill. Young children live in the moment. They need adults to help them prepare for time-oriented changes. Creating predictable routines and offering prompts as to what is coming next helps add structure to the child’s life.

As a teacher, you can reduce stress for children, families, and yourself by investing time, energy, and preparation in the critical moments of your schedule such as arrival, changes in activities, and departure time. Supported and mindful transitions are more likely to be successful ones!

In this article, Kay Albrecht and Jennifer Fiechtner offer advice on how to “build a classroom routine that runs smoothly, where children thrive and learn, and families feel welcome.” Read the article.