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Encouraging Engineering: The Dreaded "E" in STEM

Posted by: Rhonda July 28, 2015

Engaging young children in science and math activities seems reasonable, but engineering? If we’re honest, the very concept makes us panic. We have this perception that it takes a specialized college degree to engineer. Wrong! Just look at preschoolers!

When absorbed in play, they engineer all day long, and don’t give it a second thought. Problem solving, testing solutions, experiencing failures, and working within constraints, are the backbone of the engineering process and these all happen spontaneously in play.

When children are given open-ended tools and toys, and—most importantly—enough time, they are encouraged to explore, problem solve, and innovate. These are vital life skills that are necessary to thrive and compete in the 21st century workforce. Whether a child goes on to construct bridges or not, embedding engineering activities in your preschool curriculum will help build a solid foundation for future learning.  So if you think engineering and early childhood education don’t go together, think again! Read the article.