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Setting Children up for Success

Posted by: Rhonda June 16, 2015

As an early childhood educator, you have great influence on how children feel in your classroom. A safe and welcoming environment is critical to supporting ongoing emotional and social development. A child must first feel confident that his basic needs for safety, love, and belonging are met. Only then is learning possible.

“The most crucial part of an emotionally supportive classroom is the teacher,” write Kay Albrecht and Jennifer Fiechtner. “Your approach, attitude, and skills set the tone. Without any special tools, you can make your classroom a place where children can grow and thrive—socially, emotionally, and academically.”

By designing a “welcoming, predictable, and developmentally appropriate environment, prioritizing play in your daily routine, and integrating learning about emotions into your curriculum, you can help children develop skills that lead to success in school, at home, and in the wider world.” Read the article.