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Design of Classroom

The Keys to Good Design

Posted by: Rhonda April 26, 2016

It's probably likely that the child care program you attended was in a church basement or some other repurposed place. Today, however, many early childhood facilities are found in intentionally planned and constructed buildings. Even so, some new facilities are still far from perfect. Instead of contributing to children’s development and supporting the staff needs, the design of the building actually impedes the smooth operation of the program. How does this happen?

Creating a high quality child care facility is a highly complex, lengthy, and expensive process. Architects, while experts in the principles of design, often have little knowledge of child development and the actual operation of child care centers. Directors and teachers, while having intimate knowledge of the needs of children, rarely know how to translate this into the actual design of space and the language used by architects. This disconnect is one reason a project can go awry.

Whether you are working on a renovation or planning a brand new facility, there are crucial steps in the design process you should not overlook. Read more.