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The Challenge of Boys

Posted by: Rhonda August 16, 2016

Boys love risk-taking. They thrive on rough-and-tumble play and activities that involve lots of movement. They are fascinated with water, dirt, sticks, and loud noises. Spontaneous and impulsive, their energy seems to have no bounds!

But, for some reason, many boys seem to struggle in organized preschool programs.

This is evidenced in a “disproportionate number of young boys who are suspended, expelled, or placed into special education programs,” reports Francis Wardle. “This is no accident. To address these discrepancies, a variety of approaches need to be taken, from radically changing some fundamental practices of the field, to adjusting the curriculum, activities, environments, and teacher-child interactions.”

Ultimately, as educators, our task is to help every child achieve success. What can we do to improve the statistics for boys? Read more.