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Pedagogy of Care

Is Care your Pedagogy?

Posted by: Rhonda August 2, 2016

Caring for young children can feel, at times, like drowning under a deluge of meals to prepare, diapers to change, noses to wipe, and cries to respond to. Do you view these incessant tasks as interferences to the educational process or are they the foundation of your curriculum?

“What if we adopted a new way of thinking about care,” writes Carol Murray. “We know that for a young child each moment is a learning opportunity. So each moment of caring for a child holds all the essential components of teaching such as observing, listening, scaffolding, and reciprocity. What would our practice look like if we lifted up the mundane tasks of caring to be valued as educational?”

The most meaningful lessons for children are embedded in caring interactions. In the world of childcare, these interactions seem to be concentrated in potentially chaotic times like transitions, mealtimes, toileting, and dressing.

If care is your pedagogy, and “relationship planning” is regarded as more important than “lesson planning,” these times of care-giving will be the key moments of your day. And yes, you will have to slow way down to harness the complete potential of those moments. Read more.