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A Lasting Gift

Posted by: Rhonda December 6, 2016

What gift will you give to the children in your care this year?

“We all want what is best for each child,” writes Dr. Ruth Wilson. “We want to give them what will make them grow and thrive. We generously give of our time and our attention. We wipe their tears and listen to their stories. These are all beautiful gifts that can’t be wrapped with paper and ribbon.”

Another long-lasting gift we can give to children is the gift of wonder. A sense of wonder increases resiliency in children. It is a “survival skill” that serves as an “unfailing antidote” against alienation from nature, boredom, and preoccupation with artificial things.

Many forces in today’s society—commercialism, technology, academic pressures, a too hurried lifestyle—threaten a child’s growing sense of wonder. It is increasingly important that each child has an adult who helps them nurture and cultivate this delicate gift. Read more.