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Mud Day

Mud, Marvelous Mud!

Posted by: Rhonda June 28, 2016

Children seem to be magnetically drawn to water and dirt. From their perspective, the activities that result in the messiest clothes are the activities which are the most fun!

“It’s okay for children to get dirty,” writes Michelle Rupiper. “In fact, when you look at the benefits children gain from mud play, it’s not just okay, it’s important.” Science now shows that certain bacteria present in soil are very beneficial to children and can aid in mental health and the prevention of allergies. In addition, the open-ended, malleable properties of mud make it an excellent learning material—encouraging the development of both cognitive and social skills.

A great way to take advantage of these benefits is to create a “mud kitchen” in your outdoor space. Designating the mud to a specific area allows teachers to maintain an appropriate level of control over the mess while allowing kids the freedom to explore the materials. You may find, however, that many adults have forgotten their childhood love of mud and need re-convincing of its benefits. This article offers some compelling arguments. Read more.

And, don’t forget, June 29 is International Mud Day—a great day to start the conversation!