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Digging a hole

Thank you Bev Bos!

Posted by: Rhonda November 22, 2016

“Rich childhood play is the only secure foundation from which children should enter into the future.”  (Bev Bos: 1934-2016)

The early childhood field lost a passionate and eloquent voice with the death of Bev Bos earlier this year. However, her enthusiastic insistence on the importance of creative, unfettered play for children will live on as a powerful legacy and challenge for future educators.

“She knew that the best job anyone could have in life was discovering the world over and over again through the bright eyes of children,” remembers Jennifer Berke. “The joy she shared about teaching young children was infectious. I don’t know whether Bev thought of herself as an agent of change in the field of early childhood, but she was, and will remain so, as her ideas and philosophy continue to ripple out like swells in the ocean. So, in tribute to Bev, let the playing commence!”

These bite-sized nuggets of wisdom—some of Bev’s best loved, most repeated phrases—will give you plenty of food-for-thought for this Thanksgiving week. Enjoy.