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Hammering log

Hammering Log: A Starter Set for Woodworking

Posted by: Rhonda November 29, 2016

Woodworking areas—once considered a standard feature in preschool classrooms—have all but vanished. This is unfortunate because children need hands-on experiences to become innovators and engineers. Using authentic tools and materials at the work bench gives children a feeling of competence and achievement.

A simple way to introduce some of the skills of woodworking to young children is to set up a hammering log for your class. You’ll need a big tree stump or log, a hammer (7-8 oz), safety glasses (a must), and roofing nails (their large heads make them easier to hit accurately).

Choose a protected area outside, or in a corner of your classroom, that can be well-supervised at all times. You must demonstrate to the child how to use the hammer safely. (Hint: use a clothespin to hold the nail until it is partially tapped into the wood to avoid accidentally hammering your fingers.) Once the kids get the hang of hammering, it won’t be long until the entire surface of the stump is covered in nails!

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