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Time to Play

Make More Time for Play

Posted by: Rhonda November 15, 2016

Lisa Murphy has energized countless audiences with her engaging, challenging, and entertaining presentations on the fundamentals of early childhood education. Her message? Return to what we instinctively know to be true about how children learn best. In short: Let them play!

However, it is crucial to remember that play is a process, not just an outcome. “Play is important even when it does not look like anything!” writes Murphy. “We have forgotten what it is like to be little, so we inadvertently redirect, shut off, and stifle play because we think that we should be teaching.” Anxious for the block tower to be built or the tea party to begin, adult onlookers easily get antsy as the children mill around, gather things, discard things, discuss the hierarchy of their roles, or argue over petty differences of opinion. "It takes time [for adults] to learn how to see below the surface and observe the unlocking of the door of learning that is contained within play."

If you have grown tired of clichéd educational rhetoric about curriculum or battling with the “naysayers” about school-readiness, this entertaining and provocative piece will restore your passion for play. Read it and share it!